Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheers to our New Hobby!

Jenilyn and I have decided to make a little blog for our new business! If you are interested please be sure to check us out often for new updates!!!

Jenilyn is a great cook! Her specialty is sweets (anything from sugar cookies to her famous turtles) and of course CAKES... that is why I gave her the nickname FATS many years ago... keep in mind she is 5'8 and might weigh 120lbs. soaking wet! Anyway, she has recently began making "Specialty Cakes" that are so very cute! She has tons of cake books and all the tools to make exactly what you are looking for! Pictures of recent work is soon to come! If you are interested in any sweets or cakes for any occasion please feel free to reach us by email or cell!!!